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Stuffy Skeleton -Super Soft Minkie in Light Purple

Stuffy Skeleton -Super Soft Minkie in Light Purple


A sweet and spooky skeleton to pal around with!

This is a handmade doll. Each skeleton is hand cut from a pattern, and carefully assembled. Each skeleton has 27 pieces!!

This body is made from a soft minkie fabric in an icy lilac purple. The bones of the skeleton are white minkie fabric, that have been stitched in place. The doll has black plastic safety eyes. Details on the bones are machine stitched.


I have been making Stuffy Skeletons for almost 10 years! The soft and cuddly skeleton can live in your bed, or is a great gift for especially cool kids. They are full of boney goodness! Spooky!

I use the same listing for each skeleton, but I always have one in stock and ready to ship if it is listed here. Your skeleton will look almost exactly like the one pictured, but with a teeny bit of that hand made variation that makes it special.

WARNING: Even though I use "safety eyes" on my dolls, they are not designed for small babies, as they have not been safety tested. Not that a baby wouldn't LOVE IT, but I have to say that. Don't feed your baby skeletons.

Skeleton is about 13.5 inches or 34 cm tall

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