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Sock Monster -A soft pink monster doll

Sock Monster -A soft pink monster doll


Sock Monkey? Well...its a sock...something. What are you? A cat? A rabbit? A wingless batcat??

Doesn't really matter because this monster is super sweet.

Made from a brand new pair of socks, this soft and cuddly pal will love to live in your house.

The doll's body is made from two socks, carefully cut and sewed into shape. Then I added a super soft minky fabric face/belly, and hand stitch a sweet face to the doll.

The doll has a tiny bandana, which is removable. It is hand printed bats in a light pink on a black background.

Stuffed with all new stuffing, this doll is perfect for hugging on.

Size: 18 inches from tip of ears to tip of toes (45cm)

I designed this toy to be as safe for babies as I could, with no plastic eyes or buttons that could be choking hazards, but please use caution if this is a gift for a small baby.

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